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Juliet White

Juliet White

Practice Manager
Juliet White

I have been working at Wellforce for five years now and enjoy it enormously. 

The team here is small and friendly and as therapist liason I have the opportunity to indulge a long-standing interest in complementary and alternative therapies by being involved with the recruitment of new therapists to the practice and monitoring continuing professional development.  I research the less mainstream therapies and sample new ones in order to ensure that comprehensive information on all the therapies we offer is available to potential clients in paper and electronic formats.

One of the most rewarding parts of my job has been the opportunity to meet and talk to clients and therapists from such a  wide range of backgrounds and disciplines. It is always humbling when people choose to share their stories of illness and recovery, especially in circumstances when they feel that other approaches have failed.

I am particularly interested in what complementary medicine has to offer people with mental health issues as I also work on a telelphone helpline dedicated to supporting those with anxiety and panic disorders and OCD.


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