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Diane Piette

Diane Piette

Diane Piette
  • Kinesiologist KFRP in Three In One Concept
  • Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Advanced Practitioner
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  • Flexible appointment times
Kinesiology 1 hour Appointment £55
Emotional Freedom Technique EFT 1 hour Appointment £55
Food sensitivity testing / mineral deficiency 1 hour Appointment £65
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About Diane Piette

I come from the French speaking part of Switzerland and moved with my family to Scotland in 1997. Over there, I experienced physical problems. The whole right side of my body became numb over night. After undergoing a long series of tests at the hospital, I was told there was nothing wrong with my physical body! I then turned towards complementary therapies for an answer and I discovered Kinesiology. The therapist used "muscle testing" to get feedback from my body and identified the emotions causing the numbness. To my amazement, within a few months, I made a full recovery and decided to study in depth the "3 in 1 "Kinesiology concept. I trained for 4 years at Harmony Kinesiology College in Glasgow before opening my own practice in Glasgow. Then I moved to Dronfield/Sheffield where I've been practising ever since.

With all the success stories I have experienced, I truly believe that Kinesiology is a wonderful, maybe unusual, but nevertheless fascinating way to restore balance and well being back into our lives. 


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Diane Piette
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