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Gill Upham

Gill Upham

Gill Upham
  • BSc (Hons)
  • RS Hom PCH
  • Registered with the Society of Homeopaths
Therapies & treatments offered
Therapy Times
  • Monday 9.00 - 1.00
  • Tuesday 9.00 - 5.00
  • Wednesday 9.00 - 1.00
Adult Homeopathy Initial consultation £70
Adult Homeopathy Follow up £45
Student Homeopathy Initial consultation £55
Student Homeopathy Follow up £35
Children 0 - 18 years Initial consultation £55
Children 0 - 18 years Follow up £35
Low cost appointments for those on low incomes Low cost appointments may be available depending on personal circumstances. Contact your preferred Homeopath to discuss eligibility
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About Gill Upham

I became interested in homeopathy many years ago after my eldest child was successfully cured of a long-term health problem by a homeopath. I trained for five years at the North West College of Homeopathy, graduating in 2000, and I completed a two-year post-graduate course with the Dynamis School of Homeopathy in July 2008.


In my practice I work alongside people who are on a journey of healing and self-discovery, using one or a combination of the following: homeopathic remedies, poetry, flower essences, songs/music, etc. I generally allow two hours for an appointment with a new client so that I can take a detailed case history, and have a real understanding of them.


I work mainly with adults, but I also enjoy working with parents and families who are familiar with homeopathy and how it works, or who are open to this. I especially enjoy working with babies and children when their parents want to build and retain their levels of health and who understand that homeopathy can often be a slower journey of holistic healing rather than a quick fix.


My personal experiences in life have led me to particularly resonate with people who are working with issues around disability, sexuality, gender identity, feminism, not belonging, birth, and making big changes. If you feel you’re in the process of dealing with any of these, then I’d love to work with you. After 17 years’ experience as a homeopath, I’ve come to realise that the way I practise homeopathy is less effective with people who want to quickly treat an unpleasant symptom or condition such as eczema or migraines. If this is what you are after, then I suggest you might find it more rewarding to work with a different homeopath; you can find these here.


My experience as a homeopath includes running low-cost clinics for SureStart for three years, working with small children and their families and dealing with sleep and behaviour problems, as well as physical health complaints. I also worked as a homeopath for Bolton Council Occupational Health, where I worked with employees with a wide range of stress-related health complaints. I am involved with the low-cost homeopathy clinic at Wellforce for people on certain means-tested benefits, so please enquire for further details. If transport or accessibility is a problem, I am sometimes available for home visits within the Sheffield area.


If you would like to enquire about working together, then please complete the form below. Please note that I like to have a quick chat with clients before making a full appointment, so please include a phone number and I will give you a call, or you can ring me directly on 07906 893171. Thank you.


For additional information please visit my website here.



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Gill Upham
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