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Nerissa Kisdon

Nerissa Kisdon

Nerissa Kisdon
  • Qualified Member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique
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About Nerissa Kisdon

I initially came across the Alexander Technique while sharing a house with a keen amateur pianist who enthused about the lessons he was having. At the time I played clarinet but was having problems with my breathing so I decided to try the technique and quickly discovered that that it was far more profound and life changing than I had expected.

I was lucky enough to be taught by Dick Walker, who had been a pupil of Alexander himself. Within a very short space of time I simply could not "slump" in a chair - I was sitting upright without any strain or effort, and as a result, my breathing and energy levels improved enormously. Being a drama teacher, I found that I stayed far calmer and more centred, and had far more control over my classes if I used the Alexander principles.

At first I mainly applied what I had learnt to my own practice playing the clarinet. I trained between 1987 and 1990 and then returned to Dick and Elisabeth Walker for a post graduate term on their training course, as well as completing, after qualification, a further year's apprenticeship at Fellside Alexander School.

I used the technique in my 3 pregnancies and labours - the baby is given far more room to move when the spine is not compressed, and the techniques one learns help greatly in dealing with pain.

I have worked with, both individually and in groups, pregnant women, musicians, actors, children, teachers, nurses, physiotherapists and doctors, and a large range of other people.

I adapt my teaching to the individual, not only in terms of his or her needs and wishes but in the sense of making the ideas accessible and comprehensible to each person.

I am available to give talks, workshops and lecture demonstrations as well as one-to-one tuition.


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Nerissa Kisdon
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