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Zoe Fisher

Zoe Fisher

Zoe Fisher
  • BSc. Nutritional Medicine
  • Member of BANT (British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy)
  • Member of the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)
  • Bio-energetic Stress Testing (electro-dermal screening) practitioner
Therapies & treatments offered
Therapy Times
  • Ad. Hoc appointments available - please call reception for more details
Nutritional Therapy/Weight Loss Management (first appointment) 60 mins. £75
Follow up appointments 45 mins. £55
Food intolerance testing 60 mins. £95
First consultation plus 2 follow-up appointments (a saving of almost 15% on price of separate appointments) £160
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About Zoe Fisher


About Zoe Fisher

Many people see me to check they are on the right track with healthy eating or for specific symptoms related to digestion, women’s health, stress and achieving a healthy weight. I have a particular interest in food intolerance management and coaching for weight loss.

Working Together

Before the consultation I will ask you to complete a health and nutrition questionnaire and return it to me so I can prepare for our appointment.  During the first consultation we will work together to create a personalised nutritional program. My safe effective approach uses food, supplements and lifestyle recommendations to help you meet your health goal whether that's addressing a specific condition, alleviating symptoms or losing weight.

I recognise that you are an individual with your own biological make-up, health story and preferences. Your plan will fit in with your unique needs and routine. I help you achieve step by step changes for realistic, lasting improvements to your health.

Regular follow up sessions are encouraged to offer support, monitor progress, and adjust the health plan if necessary.

Food Intolerance Management

I can help you review food intolerances with an elimination diet and I am also trained in bio-energetic screening equipment (BioMeridian Professional) which can help identify problem foods. Many people feel the impact of food intolerance in their digestion (bloating, gas, disturbed bowel movements) but can also affect your energy, mood, skin and weight.  Every client is different, in the cluster of food intolerance symptoms and the foods affecting them.

I have helped lots of people to identify and eliminate those foods that are causing them problems whilst ensuring a varied diet.  Most people are able to reintroduce problem foods within a balanced rotation diet.

For more information about food intolerance and bio-energetic screening please see my website www.zfnutrition.co.uk

Bio-energetic Screening and Pregnancy

Although bio-energetic screening is considered safe in pregnancy I have reservations with conducting food intolerance tests as it often results in an elimination diet and I don't like to recommend restricting food groups during pregnancy.  Another thing I have found in my experience is that the whole process of pregnancy and birth often alters the body's response and so a test can effectively be invalidated quite quickly.  I think it can be very useful for people several months after the birth particularly when combined with vitamin and mineral screening.  Please call for a chat about simple ways to improve digestion during pregnancy.

Bio-energetic Screening and Children

I see quite a few children because this is one method of food intolerance testing that doesn’t involve any blood draw.  I usually say that children need to be upwards of 6 years old although I have seen younger children.  It varies with the child, they need to be able to sit still long enough for me to get an accurate reading.  What I do offer for any potential client is a free 15 minute consultation in the clinic to see if this is right for them.  If you think your child might be still enough then we can book in for this and try, if they are a bit too wriggly I will know within the first few minutes and there is no charge.  If the screening is successful then we continue the appointment.  I usually schedule this at the beginning or end of a clinic session. 

Weight Loss Management

Your weight regulation is complex and personal. I don’t believe the theory ‘eat less and exercise more’ works for everyone. What, when and even how you eat are a very important part of our strategy. But, underpinning weight are your individual imbalances that cause your body to defend your current weight and influence your appetite and where you store fat. Those include hormones (including stress hormones), neurotransmitters, food intolerances, medication and others.  I work with you to identify and address your individual imbalances to help you lose weight.  I look beyond the BMI (body mass index) as a measure of your weight’s influence on your health and help you set a realistic sustainable weight goal. Did you know just losing 5% of bodyweight (so say half a stone if you weigh 11 stone) can make a huge difference to your health risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers.

Further testing can be helpful to identify imbalances, I conduct this through your GP if possible but sometimes this is an extra cost.

Please contact me for a no obligation chat to find out whether this is the right approach for you.  Call Wellforce and I will call you back or call me directly on 01226 792494 or 07957 426561.

For additional information please visit my website here (http://www.zfnutrition.co.uk/)

Please ‘like’ me on my facebook page here (https://www.facebook.com/ZFNutrition)


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Zoe Fisher
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