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Reiki treatment enables the client to receive an influx of Universal Energy that encourages the...
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Reiki is a completely safe method of channelling healing and balancing energy into a person's body or energy field by placing the hands on or above the client's body. It can help with a range of conditions from physical problems to emotional problems and a general dissatisfaction with life.

What to expect in your first Appointment

Reiki treatments take about an hour, and are usually carried out with you lying comfortably on a therapy couch. You remain fully clothed (except for shoes), and the hands of the practitioner are placed and held still in specific positions on your head and body.

There is no pressure, massage or manipulation, and no parts of the body are touched.

You usually feel very relaxed, warm and peaceful as the energy flows through you, although sometimes you might feel tingly or quite emotional as the reiki brings to the surface old issues and patterns to be released.

Some people feel energised immediately after a treatment whilst others may feel tranquil and relaxed.

Reiki may be able to help...

  • Speed up the Healing Process
  • Promote a good sleeping pattern
  • Unblock your creative flow
  • Promote Relaxation
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Our Reiki Therapists

Beverley Wood
Beverley Wood
  • Bowen Technique Diploma (BTAA)
  • Member of the Bowen Association
  • Member of the Bowen Therapy Professional Association (BTPA)
  • Angelic Reiki Masters
  • Member of the Angelic Reiki Association
  • Usui Reiki
  • Diploma in Indian Champissage (Head Massage)
  • Integrated Myofascial Release
  • Sharon Wheeler Scar Tissue Release
  • McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release
  • CNHC
  • BCMA
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Therapy Times
  • Mondays 5.30pm - 8.30pm
  • Other times (Monday-Friday) on request
Dr Gemma Lock
Dr Gemma Lock
  • Dip. Counselling (1999)
  • Dip. Holistic therapy (2004)
  • Msc. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (2007)
  • Couples counselling (2008)
  • Psychosexual therapy (2016)
  • BACP Accredited practitioner since 2008
  • Pink Therapy Gender and Sexual Diversity Fundamentals (2014)
  • PhD Biology
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Therapy Times
  • Ad. hoc. appointments available daytime and evenings. Please enquire with reception 0114 2769500
Helena Hadley
Helena Hadley
  • City and Guilds Diploma
  • FHT
  • TIS Registered
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Therapy Times
  • Fridays 1.30pm - 5.30pm
Sally Lockwood
Sally Lockwood
  • VTCT & CIBTAC qualified
  • Certificate in fertility & maternity reflexology
  • Member of FHT
  • Member of ICHT
  • TIS insured
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Therapy Times
  • Wednesday evenings (4.30-8.30pm)

Appointments & Enquiries

To check availability, make an appointment or make a general enquiry about Reiki, please call 0114 276 9500 or email us using the form below. Mandatory fields are marked with a *.

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