Getting help with health problems in challenging times

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Krys Chandler, RSHom

We’re living through challenging times which can cause all kinds of mental and physical problems as we face uncertainties and confusion within our lives.  How do we get help with our health problems especially if we want to avoid taking conventional treatments such as anti-depressants which can offer some help but often don’t help long-term.  At the same time mental health issues can throw up physical symptoms related to stress. Such as gastro-intestinal problems or arthritic symptoms.

Firstly, homeopathy is a complementary medicine and works alongside traditional medicine in the treatment of disease and ill health. It works holistically by looking at the whole person and the presenting physical and mental or emotional symptoms together with the possible root causes of why a person is suffering ill health.

Secondly, homeopathy can help with a whole range of symptoms. As the winter months are upon us, many people are suffering symptoms linked to colds and flu and those associated with respiratory problems. These can be relieved through homeopathy. Homeopathic remedies aim to help the body to heal itself. It does this by matching the symptoms being presented to those of the chosen remedy.

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