Diane Piette

Kinesiology and EFT Emotional Freedom Technique

Diane Piettes

  • Kinesiologist KFRP in Three In One Concept
  • Emotional Freedom Technique EFT Advanced Practitioner

About me

I come from the French speaking part of Switzerland and moved with my family to Scotland in 1997. During that time, I experienced some scary physical problems leaving me with the right side of my body totally numb and hair loss. After undergoing a long series of tests at the hospital, I was told there was nothing wrong with my physical body! I then turned towards complementary therapies for an answer and discovered Kinesiology. The therapist used “muscle testing” to get feedback from my body and identified the emotions causing the numbness. The stress of the move and the feeling of isolation following it had created an internal toxic environment and my physical body was not happy… We worked together for a few months and to my amazement, the numbness disappeared totally! Which took me to the path of learning Kinesiology in depth (Three in One Concept). I trained for 4 years at Harmony Kinesiology College in Glasgow before opening my own practice in 2004. Then I moved to Sheffield where I’ve been practicing ever since. 

I am still hairless, I feel beautiful, I am bold and enthusiastic, I am strong most of the time, I am courageous and have a passion for nature and for helping and supporting people on their individual journey.

With all the success stories I have experienced, I truly believe that Kinesiology is a wonderful, maybe unusual, but nevertheless fascinating way to restore balance and well-being back into our lives. 


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