Aromatherapy is a treatment which enhances well-being, relieves stress and generally promotes good health. In an Aromatherapy treatment a blend of essential oils are mixed with a base oil. Smelling essential oils regularly, can initiate positive psychological changes, as the scents of essential oils are known for their uplifting mood enhancing qualities. Different oils can be used to help with different conditions, for example lavender oil is known for its gentle soothing and relaxing properties. The blend is massaged into the skin, taking care to release the main area of tension in the body This can result in a feeling of relaxation that can last several hours or several days.

What to expect in your first appointment

When you visit your aromatherapist for the first time, she/he will take some time to ask you questions about your health and your lifestyle. This will often involve requesting personal details of medical history, details of current ailments or prescribed treatment and an assessment of personal stress factors if necessary. Following this, advice may be given to the client on how to improve their well-being. If appropriate, the client may receive a partial or full body massage. An aromatherapy prescription may also be given to use at home to complement the treatment.

Aromatherapy can help

Aromatherapy is often used for the release of mental or emotional tension, mood swings, nervousness, acute anxiety and some psychosomatic symptoms. Oils can also be blended to help skin ailments that require antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and have skin healing properties. Overall an aromatherapy treatment can be a deeply soothing and relaxing experience which experienced regularly can promote well-being.