Clinical Neuropsychology

Clinical Neuropsychology is a specialist field of clinical psychology concerned witClinical Neuropsychology in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.h the brain and its impact on behaviour, cognition and emotions.

Clinical Neuropsychologists have additional experience, training and qualifications in the diagnosis, assessment, rehabilitation. They support of people with neurological, medical, psychiatric or cognitive conditions. They often work alongside other allied health professionals, like doctors, speech and language therapists, occupational therapists and physiotherapists.

Clinical Neuropsychology services include testing and contributing to diagnosis, interventions to reduce distress and impairment associated with neurological conditions, and supervision for professionals.

Clinical neuropsychologists offer diagnosis and neuropsychological testing, including for problems in areas such as like memory, problem solving, language, visual perception and attention, using tests of cognitive abilities to establish patterns of strength and weakness. Assessments look at emotional health too.

They provide professional support around coping with cognitive issues and changes associated with neurological conditions for; individuals and family members or carers.