Group Psychotherapy

In life we are faced with the challenge of being in groups, whether it is with family, friends or colleagues and sometimes these experiences can discourage us from being with others. Group therapy offers an opportunity to develop your relationship skills, where you can build your confidence in social situations and overcome negative relationship patterns.

Benefits of Group Psychotherapy

Group therapy offers a unique experience of sharing your therapy. Personal issues are explored in the safe atmosphere of developing trust and confidentiality. Through the unfolding relationships in the group, you will gradually learn about your relationship patterns and establish new affirming ways of being with others.

Group psychotherapy will help you to:

  • Communicate more openly in all your relationships
  • Overcome negative relationships patterns and behaviours
  • Be more assertive
  • Deal with conflict maturely
  • Build your confidence in social situations
  • Support others as well as helping yourself
  • Hear other people say the things that you have not been able to voice
  • Feel a sense of belonging
  • Gain different perspectives
  • Afford a longer-term therapy