Herbal Medicine can offer great help in relieving the effects of stress and low energy as part of a naturopathic and holistic health treatment. Its success lies in strengthening the body’s immune system, healing irritated tissues and finally developing the body’s self healing abilities. In addition, attention is given to improving diet.

What to Expect

A full case history of your complaints is taken, during your appointment you can express your concerns in a confidential space, having someone listen fully to all the symptoms which may have been giving you anxiety.

You will then receive a prescription made up from a combination of herbal remedies formulated to uniquely suit your needs. It is usually fine to take most herbal medicines alongside prescription medication but your therapist will advise you accordingly.

The remedies are in liquid form and are usually to be taken three times a day (about one teaspoonful) and may also include herbal teas, creams or drops as appropriate.