Massage (Remedial and Sports)

Sports massage or remedial massage is a deep tissue massage which concentrates on the soft tissues which surround our skeletal structure. In its nature it is more than a holistic massage as holistic massage tends to be non-specific and relaxing.

This massage will concentrate on a specific injury or issue and it aims to improve muscle tendon and ligament function by allowing soft tissues to move more freely. In cases of injury or chronic muscle tension such as that caused by disease, painful adhesions build up in the muscle connective tissue restricting movement. When our muscles cannot function properly they can block circulation and can cause inflammation through the build-up of toxins.

What will happen at my first appointment?

At your first appointment your therapist will take a history from you and discuss the issue you are having. Pressure and friction will then be applied across and along the muscle fibres, working to break down the adhesios in the connective tissues and restore range of movement. The release of tension can also improve posture and the release of sinovial fluid improves joint health and function.

During a treatment, both passive and assisted stretching may be used. These techniques together correct the body’s structure, ease restricted movement and re-establish normal circulation.