Psychotherapy can be helpful to anyone with problems, and let’s face it; we all have our fair share of those. Psychotherapy helps in a variety of ways.

Firstly it provides you with someone who listens, who takes you seriously and who doesn’t butt in to regale you of their similar worries.

Secondly it provides you with an ongoing relationship which is constant and reliable in a changing world.

Thirdly it gives you someone who can respond from a different perspective than your own, cast some light on why you are feeling the way you are and hopefully help you develop different perceptions and attitudes.

Psychotherapy will deal with specific issues and habits and their origins in the past. However a Counsellor may work with you in the present. This depends on the severity of your situation and is advised after the no obligation initial assessment.

What to expect in your first Appointment

Your first appointment is a free mutual initial assessment where you have the oportunity to talk and ask questions about why psychotherapy may be useful to you. This gives both you and your potential therapist the chance to see if this is the right step for you at this point and more importantly if you can work together.

Psychotherapy may be able to help

Psychotherapy may be able to help you deal with issues of depression, anxiety, stress, low self esteem, lack of confidence, relationship difficulties, family problems including step-parenting and adoption, bereavement and health issues.