Virtual gastric band

What is the Hypnotic Gastric Band? Using hypnosis, you are taken through the full procedure of having a gastric band operation, but no surgery is carried out. Using the power of your mind, you are guided into making your body believe that there is a real physical restriction as if there was a gastric band fitted in your stomach.

The effect is the same as if you had the Gastric Band operation – you will feel full after very small meals. The bonus is that as no actual surgery is carried out, there is no recovery time in hospital, no stitches to be removed and none of the risks that may be associated with having an anaesthetic.

Of course, a real or hypnotic Gastric Band should be considered a treatment of last resort if you have tried losing weight in other ways. We recommend that this procedure is only used after a full course of hypnotic slimming is carried out.