Hypnotherapy in Sheffield & South Yorkshire

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Hypnotherapy in Sheffield & South Yorkshire

Hypnotherapy is commonly misunderstood. Perhaps because of the stereotypical hypnotist’s stage show, many assume that hypnotherapy is about using hypnosis to treat problems. In fact, when you get hypnotherapy in Sheffield it will use the therapy to treat the problem, with the hypnosis helping utilise the client’s own resources to make the treatment more effective.

How does it work?

Hypnotherapy is, first and foremost, a therapy treatment. Hypnotherapists will usually be qualified therapists who use can also use hypnosis as part of their therapy treatment. This means that while the actual treatment will largely be the same as with conventional therapy; the hypnotic state can increase the effectiveness of the treatment.

Hypnosis can help in several ways. First, the relaxed state can make the sessions themselves more effective, reducing any tension or nerves they might be carrying. Second, the hypnosis can help minimise the effect of conscious barriers that can sometimes hinder traditional talking therapies, for example self-limiting beliefs and doubt. Finally, hypnosis can prime the patient to improve between sessions. A key element of talking therapy is not just what happens in a session, but how it affects behaviours outside, and hypnosis can be powerful in providing a foundation for these changes.

What can hypnotherapy in Sheffield help with?

Hypnotherapy can work with any problems traditional talking therapies can address. These can be problems that affect the client’s thoughts and emotions, helping them to address; self-doubt, fears, and phobias or behaviours that they feel are causing them problems.

Hypnotherapy treats issues like depression and anxiety. It can also be effective for addressing trauma, self-doubt, confidence, and esteem issues.

What to expect in a session

Hypnotherapy in Sheffield will be conducted in a safe and relaxing environment, ensuring the client can feel secure and focus on their treatment. It is always worth having an initial session with the therapist to discuss and agree goals and establish exactly how treatment will work.

A typical session will involve initially using hypnosis to help the client find a relaxed and comfortable state — physically and mentally. Once in that state, the therapist will conduct the therapy, ensuring that the client remains relaxed and comfortable. Addressing the problems they have agreed and helping the client move towards recovery. At the end of the session, the client will be brought out of hypnosis.

It’s important to highlight that the hypnotic state is, really, one of relaxation. They will be fully aware, and be able to remember, what happened during the session. However, because their conscious barriers will have been disarmed, many find that hypnotherapy is not only very effective, but also fast-acting, helping them address their problems far more quickly than traditional therapy.

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