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Kinesiology is a holistic therapy that uses gentle pressure to help resolve physical and emotional problems. Sometimes known as applied kinesiology to differentiate the practice from the science of movement, the practice reflects that problems can manifest their effects almost anywhere on the body. If you are considering kinesiology in Sheffield, what are the useful things to know?

How Kinesiology works

Firstly, the general principle is that problems can & will manifest themselves in your muscles, sometimes in surprising places and ways. An example might be a physical injury. If you injured your foot that might affect your posture and the way you walk. The changes can easily cascade, you might start carrying things differently meaning that foot injury can end up affecting your hand. By addressing the resulting problems, it can reverse the chain reaction to help your initial injury.

These same principles apply to mental and emotional problems too. You only need to think about how stress can manifest in your muscles, leaving them feeling tight and tense. The same process can happen with any emotion or state of mental health, with the effect of that emotion having a physical effect on your muscles.

What can kinesiology help with?

Secondly, kinesiology can help with a wide range of problems. Perhaps the most obvious are physical issues. Many will use kinesiology to help accelerate recovery from injury, or to provide pain relief from joint and muscular problems.

Others use kinesiology to help with emotional stress that can be associated with other problems. Whether these are physical, like skin or digestive problems, or things like anxiety or depression.

Many users also use kinesiology in Sheffield proactively, feeling the benefit of regular sessions in helping them in their day-to-day lives and meeting goals. The practice is popular for people hoping to improve their sporting performance or just improving their posture. Many just feel energised and lifted by the holistic experience and use it as part of their overall wellbeing maintenance.

What happens in a kinesiology session?

Thirdly, each kinesiology session is different, depending on the practitioner, the problem they are addressing, and whether it is an initial session or part of a course of treatment. In general, kinesiology is a cooperative process, in which practitioner and patient will work together for the best results.

A typical session will start with the practitioner talking with the patient about their problem. During this conversation the practitioner will feel the muscle response, helping them understand how their patient’s problem is affecting their muscles. As they isolate the affected muscles and move towards an understanding behind the causes, they can develop a treatment.

Subsequent treatments will be more focused, but follow a similar process of feeling the muscle response and, together, gently resolving the underlying problems.

Kinesiology only involves gentle pressure, so is a relaxing experience that can be performed through clothes. The gentle nature of the process means it provides a gradual resolution to problems, and treatments can cover multiple sessions. Because it is a holistic therapy many people will also feel benefits in other areas and a general improvement in their wellbeing because of kinesiology in Sheffield.

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