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Reiki is a Japanese practice that involves the transfer of energy from the practitioner to their client. First founded in Tibet in the ancient times, thousands of years ago, it was re-developed in the early 1800’s. Late nineteenth century the practice has become increasingly popular and spread around the world. After moving from Japan across the pacific to America in the early twentieth century, it first became popular in the UK in the 1980s. Find your Reiki practitioners in Sheffield and Rotherham now!

How does Reiki work?

A form of energy healing. The name comes from the Japanese words for ‘universal’ (rei) and ‘life energy’ (ki). It’s most commonly associated with the laying on of hands by the practitioner. The theory behind it is that injury, whether physical or emotional, can cause blocks in the body’s energy flow. These blocks can themselves cause pain and injury, but Reiki is able to release them, helping the body establish its balance.

Advocates point to studies showing that Reiki recipients reported improvements in pain along with many testimonials from patients crediting the practice with curing their ailments.

Choosing a Reiki practitioner in Sheffield

There are many variations of Reiki, so it is important that you choose a practitioner that suits you. The variations in practice have evolved as the practice has grown and moved over the world. Practitioners learn the practice from Masters, and often have their Reiki lineage traced. This is so they can follow their Reiki practice from master to master all the way back to Mikao Usui. The originator of Reiki. There are many variations of Reiki, it is important that you choose a practitioner that suits you.

What you can expect

Whatever particular tradition or variation Reiki practitioners in South Yorkshire offer; there are some features that are common to all examples of Reiki practice. First, the application of Reiki is soothing. Simply the laying on of hands, so patients do not need to undress and there is no intrusive element. Second, since its focus on energy flows within the body it is a treatment for the whole body. A practitioner will not treat a specific body part or try to cure a specific ailment; indeed, they may never lay hands directly on a problem area.

The length of sessions may vary depending on the need of the patient, but typically they can be between 15 and 90 minutes. People will report many different sensations during a Reiki session, most often a sense of warming or tingling where the hands were laid on, but almost all will say it’s a relaxing and energising experience.

Obviously, during Covid, the practice of Reiki has been restricted in line with Government guidance, only taking place when allowed and with proper precautions and PPE in place. However, some masters will practice distance Reiki, using crystals or even a photo to help channel energy. So, even if you are locked down, or away from Sheffield or Rotherham, it might be possible to find a Reiki practitioner to help.

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