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Shiatsu in Sheffield

Shiatsu is a Japanese practice, based on Chinese principles, that helps address imbalances in the flow of your qi. It works on similar principles to other traditional Japanese treatments. Qi is, essentially, the bodies energy and sometimes blockages in the body’s meridians, along which the qi flows, can manifest as physical and even mental problems. Shiatsu works on the meridians to ensure a good flow of qi. It can bring benefits to the whole body, not just problem areas.

The word ‘Shiatsu’ is derived from Japanese words that translate literally to ‘finger pressure’. Which gives a good idea of what a treatment of Shiatsu in Sheffield would involve. The practitioner would apply light pressure to key points along your meridians. Modern Shiatsu has evolved beyond simple pressure, though, so a practitioner will supplement finger pressure with other touches and movements as well as sometimes manipulating joints and other parts of the body. The pressure and touches will stimulate the meridians and qi bringing benefits to the patient.

Like other types of Japanese treatment; such as acupressure, the treatment isn’t always in the same area as the problem you are experiencing. Instead, the practitioner of Shiatsu will consider the whole body. They may find that a qi blockage in a different area is the root cause of the problem. It’s for this reason that many who receive Shiatsu will report feeling benefits beyond the problem they initially sought treatment for.

Sessions of Shiatsu in Sheffield are usually very relaxing. Because the treatment only involves the application of pressure, treatments take place fully clothed. Although you should be comfortable in the treatment room, there is no need to undress beyond your outer clothes. If pressure needs to be applied to areas that are covered, this can take place through whatever you are wearing.


The length of sessions can vary depending on the specific treatment but are typically between 15 and 45 minutes. During a session of Shiatsu in Sheffield the practitioner will apply pressure to meridians and sometimes manipulate joints to stimulate the flow of qi. Most people find the sessions soothing and leave feeling energised. Shiatsu carries many benefits. Many people will seek it as a form of treatment for a specific problem but will continue treatments because of the positive effect it has on them. As a holistic treatment, it can help improve general health as well treat problems. Despite being a physical therapy, it works on the physical, mental and spiritual level to improve wellbeing. This means that regular treatments can help maintain good health and mental wellbeing, helping to prevent illness and injury in the future.

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