The Language of Stress

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Stress manifests in a myriad of ways, and has its root in a multitude of causes and situations. It’s a commonly used word which we can all understand on a basic level. However to truly alleviate stress on an individual level, we need to remove the lid and delve deeper. We need to truly understand what stress really means for each person. Only then will we be able to truly find lasting solutions. There is no one size fits all cure. What one person finds relaxing, could well create more tension in another person. So our role as a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioner is to find the unique key that will release and transform stress for each of our clients. The language of stress.

The Language of Stress

The language of Stress

In TCM, we see that each of the organ energy systems, if out of balance, can create its own particular type of stress, and will require a specific approach in terms of acupoints used, as well as dietary, exercise and lifestyle recommendations.

For example, a client with weak Kidney energy is more likely to present as feeling overwhelmed when encouraged to unpack the term stressed, and what it feels like for them. On the other hand, a client with a liver energy imbalance would experience stress more as a state of frustration and endless irritations. Each of these scenarios would require very different approaches in order to help alleviate the stress and restore balance.

By guiding our clients to sit with their own experiences of stress. We can help them to more clearly identify the true feeling behind a generalised term. This then brings clarity and insight into how best as therapists we can guide them to a place of inner peace.

Knowledge is power, and for clients, at this time more than ever, understanding their energy dynamic can be very empowering. As practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine, we teach our clients simple yet effective self help techniques specific to their energetic imbalances. Which they can do for themselves, helping to give them back a sense of control at a time when much of their life and the world around them is in chaos.

This helps to shift their immediate difficulties on all levels. Emotional, physical and spiritual, allowing them to simply be with what is, as it is. This in turn creates inner calm and space for something new and creative to emerge.