What is counselling?

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What is counselling?

Counselling is a process which can help you deal with a range of issues that might be affecting your mental health, confidence, and relationships. A talking therapy, you will work with a trained counsellor (most counsellors will be members of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists) who will help you address the issues you are facing and work out ways you can lead a life free of those problems.

It is not a process in which a counsellor will provide you with advice or guidance on what to do. Instead, you will work with your Sheffield counsellor to better understand your thoughts and feelings, how they affect you and how you can address them. Counsellors are frequently trained in several types of therapy, and some might also use those to help you. For example, some will also introduce concepts like Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. This will help you identify new ways of thinking and challenging you to adopt new strategies to address negative thoughts.

The best way to consider counselling in South Yorkshire is as a safe space. During the counselling session, you will be able to talk about your issues without having to fear judgement or shame, and with the knowledge that the session is confidential. This means that you can discuss issues that you might be uncomfortable talking about with people who know you. Especially those that are closest to you.

What is the process of counselling?

The counsellor will guide you through the process, ensuring that you remain comfortable as you explore your feelings. During the process you will become more self-aware, understanding why you feel the way you do. From that, start to better understand how that affects your behaviours. For example, through counselling you might discover that your thought processes themselves cause the problems, for example depression means you decline invitations, but then you feel lonely, resulting in more depression. With this knowledge, you can understand and begin to change your behaviour.

Counselling is an effective therapy, and while you might see results quickly, a course of counselling may be ongoing. If you are looking for counselling in South Yorkshire, it’s worth having an initial session with a counsellor. This will help you ensure that you are a good match, the therapist-client relationship is important. And, at this session, you can discuss the problems that you want to address and how counselling might help.

A course of counselling is a voyage of self-discovery. And, with each session, you might discover more and more about yourself making the treatment an ongoing process in which, as your self-awareness grows, you become more and more capable of identifying and tackling your negative thoughts and emotions and can begin a life without the issues that had been troubling you.

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