What is Scar Tissue Release?

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What is Scar Tissue Release?

Scar tissue is a natural part of the body’s healing process, and this applies to internal as well as external injuries. However, as anyone with a scar will know, although the body is remarkable at healing itself, it is not perfect. Scars form because the body cannot exactly replace damaged tissue, and, sometimes, those scars can create problems.

Scars are often denser that surrounding area and can often adhere to other tissues, affecting movement and flexibility. Depending on the nature of the scar, nerves may not grow back, changing that way that part of the body feels. And generally, scars will not have the elasticity of the original tissue, creating a sense of tightness.

How scar tissue release works

One of the most common methods of scar tissue release is myofascial release. Fascia is the connective tissue in the body, and the negative effects of a scar are caused by the way it changes the fascia.

Scar tissue release uses gentle manipulation, a little like massage. By using small, gentle movements and pressure on the scar and the surrounding area, the scar is softened. This helps release the effects of the scar, enhancing the body’s freedom and movement.

It is not an intrusive or intensive treatment, meaning that anyone can benefit and feel the effects without risking complications or requiring recovery periods.

What are the benefits of scar tissue release?

Scar tissue release has a range of benefits, depending on the location and nature of the scar.

One of the key benefits is in preventing and reducing adhesion of the scar. This will help improve movement and flexibility, making the scar less restrictive. This can be of enormous benefit to those that have a scar on or near joints, where scars can inhibit movement.

The technique can also help to reduce pain. By improving the movement and flexibility, it can help end the discomfort associated with the scar. It also helps promote healing. By encouraging and stimulating blood flow, the body’s natural mechanisms are more effective, promoting recovery and thereby reducing pain that might be associated with the healing process.

Many scar tissue release patients also report increased sensation as a result. This is associated with the activation of nerves in the area. These are often damaged as part of the injury that caused the scarring. This process also helps people normalise their feelings and sensation in the area. People who have had a major operation often report that the affected area does not have feeling, or the touch sensation does not match the touch. This is because of the nerve damage, and scar release therapy can help restore some of that feeling.

The treatment can help improve overall wellbeing. Although a physical therapy, scar release tissue can help patients feel better about themselves by resolving the physical consequences of their scar and, often, improving the appearance too. Together, these can have a powerful effect on the patient’s sense of wellbeing and contentment.

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